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F28 – Round leaf frame

F28 – Round leaf frame

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Round Leaf Frame

Round Leaf Frame’s are perfect for furniture. Especially small doors on sideboards and music cabinets. LIke all of our frames they have so many uses it’s hard to tell which one we like the best.

These modern reproductions have all the intricate detail of the original designs. You can add our moldings and appliques to furniture you are upcycling, or almost anywhere in your home.

Other moldings don’t bend, so they can only be applied to flat surfaces.  Simply glue your molding with contact cement. No nailing or clamping needed.

Efex can be applied to wood, plaster, metal, glass, and terra cotta. Use them on furniture, walls, doors, mirrors, or to create picture frames and boxes. They can be painted, stained, even gilded.

Our round frame has a variety of uses. It measures 8.5 ” in diameter with a nice little leaf trim pattern.

  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Lightweight for quick and easy instillation
  • Ready for paint and faux finish
  • Modeled after original historical patterns and designs
  • Made In The USA