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Nothing They Won’t Do (novel)

Nothing They Won’t Do (novel)

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A novel by Benjamin Campbell (a seasonal resident of York).

Mason Wright is living the dream as a first-year student at the most famous business school in the world, until a tragic accident in Boston derails his life. Expelled from school, with a cloud over his head, he jumps at a chance opportunity to interview for a job in Paris, hoping for a fresh start away from everyone who knows his past.

Alone in a foreign land, Mason is befriended by a German expat named Hans von Eiger, who introduces him to beautiful, aristocratic friends at parties in chateaux across Europe. However, Mason discovers that not everyone in his new friend group is who they appear to be, and now someone wants him dead to keep their secret safe. Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Mason finds himself completely alone again - on the run, trying to out-smart enemies who reach the highest echelons of power. Not knowing who he can trust, he ultimately puts his faith in, and falls in love with, a beautiful, independent, young woman - who he discovers may be hiding a secret of her own.

But has he made the right choice? Whose secret will get him killed and whose might just save his life?